Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weigh Day

I was nervous going into my Weight Watchers meeting this morning. I have stuck to the plan, but not the way I would in the past. This week I used most of my weekly points, which I never used to do. I ate ice cream and candy. I made a giant egg scramble with ham, onions, and cheese. I've used real butter.

I did all of these things that go against what most women's minds see when thinking losing weight.



Booyah grandma! I didn't think I did as well as I could have this week. I thought my period might affect my weigh in. I ate a blizzard the night before weigh in. But I still lost! Now this doesn't mean that I will go buck wild and eat unhealthy food. I am going to stick to plan, but I am going to remember that I can have things that seem to be "off-plan".

I'm really excited for my loss. I am going to start to work out a little more. I am going to work into it slowly. I know what if I stick to it, I will see the results that I am looking for.

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