Monday, April 9, 2012

PT, Collars, Easter, and WW

So, have I mentioned my weird voice problems that I've been having for months? Well, after a few visits with an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist I've been referred to a Vocal Physical Therapist. When I try to talk my voice just doesn't work. It takes a couple of tries to get any voice to come out. With my job I need my voice so I had to do something about it.
 In vocal therapy I get homework every week. I am supposed to be working really hard on diaphragmatic breathing. I am also supposed to be doing some stretches for the tension that I carry in my upper back and for my throat and tongue. It's all incredibly silly to say the least. I feel so stupid doing this but I know it's the only way to get my voice back to normal. I had my second session today and it was ridiculous.
My first week's homework.

Bitch Session
 So let me just have a little bitch session from over the weekend. My wonderful BF never rinses dishes before he puts them in the dishwasher. I was unloading the dishwasher on Saturday and this is what I'm pulling out. We give the pups peanut butter at night and this is the product of that. In P's defense, our dishwasher sucks and will be the first appliance to be replaced in our kitchen. I left these so beautifully on the counter so he could see proof of what his lack of rinsing does. He just laughs at me and I doubt anything will change. A girlfriend can hope, right?
Mabel LooHoo
We went out on Saturday afternoon to get the pups new collars. Theirs were getting pretty dingey and Mabel's was starting to crack. Mabel didn't want to let me get a picture of her collar and ended up with me pinned down on the ground while I tried every angle possible. (Can I just add a side note: I just love her little bare pink belly.)
Sergeant posed like a good boy.

Then he was done with pictures.
 We typically keep Mabel in purple and Sergeant in blue. Finding anything decent in those colors has proven to be impossible. Mabel ended up with a very festive stripey collar and Sergeant's is just a tad girly.  He's a girly-man some times anyway, so it's fitting.
This is the best picture I could get of Mabel. She's the most stubborn dog.
Yesterday we took them to Easter at my sister's. She has a Goldendoodle named Lucky. He is my favorite nephew. Mabel is the only one who has met them so I wasn't sure about it, but I put them out back with him anyway. They all got along great and had a blast. Mabel escaped to the neighbor's yard once but she came back. I have no clue how she squeezed through that hole. The kids did their egg hunt and the fam went to play at the park. It was over all a good day.

Today I decided that I needed that extra push to get healthy and signed up for Weight Watchers again. This time I am going into it alone. This way if my friend doesn't show up, it won't matter. It will all be on me and there will be no one to influence me. I am going to go to the Saturday morning meeting. I definitely think that I need some guidance and good little push to get going on the right path. I try and fail much too often. I think if I'm paying for it, it might push me a little more. Only time will tell. I really like the new program last time I joined in October or November, so I am hoping it will kick this booty into gear.

Did you have a good Easter Sunday?


  1. Hi Vanessa. I found your blog via Katie at Runsforcookies. I hope it's okay to follow your blog. We are around the same age and weight. Some of your posts sound like I wrote them lol. Feel free to check out my blog, too!


  2. It is more than ok to follow my blog! I'm glad to have people out there similar to me! Maybe we can share some of our struggles and successes! :-D