Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Halfway Through

It's Wednesday and I'm now halfway through my first week of Weight Watchers. I feel like I've been doing pretty well. I have used a few of my Weekly Points Plus values most of the days. But I'm not getting down about it because that is what they're there for. When I was on plan before, I didn't use them unless I was going out to dinner, but they can be used for any reason at all.

I know the reason that I have been using my Weeklies. I am a late night eater. We eat dinner ridiculously early for only being in our 20s. We have to because P works at night. So usually dinner is served at 6pm or earlier so that we have time to eat together. By the time he goes to work and I'm stuck at home all alone, I am hungry and want to eat everything in sight. I know that if I just worked out at night and kept myself  busy, this wouldn't be such an issue. I definitely need to get a plan of action together. I basically have my own home gym.

I've only earned 4 activity points this week from walking the dogs. I have been incredibly tired and I just can't find the motivation to do much. P and I actually laid down for a short nap before he went to work last night. I fell asleep for 3+ hours and he didn't fall asleep at all. Bad, bad girlfriend. I felt guilty when I woke up and asked if he made it to work. Oh well, I was tired and he'll get over it.

Other than this, not much has been going on so far this week. Tonight is P's night off. I don't think we have any plans other than to just hang out at home. All FIVE of my pets have been some serious pains in the ass over the past few days. The cats are on the counters, the dogs are chewing things they shouldn't be (shoes, their bed), they're digging holes, oh yeah, all sorts of things. Good thing they're all so darn cute because Sunday I was this _____ close to "rehoming" them all on Craigslist. Syke! I could NEVER but the thought crossed my mind.

Oh, I've also been pushing P really hard this week to apply for new jobs. He works two suck ass part time jobs. He is too stressed out and wants to quit on of them and  he brings home next to nothing. He's applied for a lot of jobs, but I don't think he's put in as much effort as he could have. So I've been scouring the internet and emailing him jobs. Then texting him threatening encouraging messages about them. He filled out one application and they want him to come in for the testing for the job. This is great news. The job is union and makes pretty good money for being entry level. He has to go in this week to do the testing and I am going to try to convince him to do it today. We shall see. He's much smarter than he gives himself credit for.

Happy Wednesday!

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