Thursday, April 19, 2012

TMI Alert

So I have stayed on plan all week long. I haven't gotten active like I'd like, but I'm just so tired. I want to go to bed at 6pm every night. I'm surprised I'm still awake right now because I stay up til 11:45, yeah you read that right, last night. I don't know what I was thinking... Other than the fact that it was P's night off and I actually wanted to spend time with him for once in our damn lives.

Now to the TMI...

I have my weigh in on Saturday and I started my period today. Eff. I've heard that people can gain upwards of 5 pounds just by being on their period. I'm really hoping this doesn't effect my weigh in on Saturday. And I suppose if it does, such is life. Weigh ins and periods will overlap plenty more times.

Or will they?

Don't take that the wrong way! I am not planning on getting pregnant! Or not yet anyway. I've been thinking about babies a lot this week. Anyone else get like that? Little mini baby fevers. Yeah, hit with one. I can't tell you why. I want to have a baby or two some time in the not so near future. But I also want to be a healthy mom-to-be and mom. And I want P to be a healthy dad. No, we're not married yet. But yes, we do plan to be married in the future. There is no time line set out but we know that we are meant to be together.

I have a doctors appointment on Monday and I am thinking of talking to my doctor about getting the implanon birth control. It's good for three years and inserted into your arm via needle. Um, yeah. Creepy and a little unnerving. And apparently if you want it removed, they do that via needle as well. I think I'll just stop thinking about the process and thinking about the results. This sounds like a good option. My sister and niece are on it and no longer have periods. And it's not like other more "semi-permanent" birth controls that last 5-10 years. I think three years is a good time frame to evaluate our life and see if we're ready to think about baby makin'. Of course, I want to get married and have things a little less stressful beforehand.

P thinks that I should get the birth control. He's definitely not ready to be a daddy (other than a fur baby daddy). And I suck at all other forms of birth control.

Ok, enough TMI for today. Just some thoughts racing through this brain of mine tonight.

Oh, updated for a question... Does anyone out there have a good acne regimen that doesn't dry out your skin or make it greasy? I have weird and sensitive skin. And it's full of the worst acne I've ever had lately. I have tried the Neutrogena SkinID and although I really liked it, my face started developing some serious blahblahblahdermatits. I also tried BeautyMint and it looked like I had rubbed my face in pizza grease. Sexy. Recently I've tried a couple Burt's Bees products, a couple Biore, a Clean and Clear, etc. I've never found anything that really works. Ugh! All suggestions welcome. :)

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