Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Day

I woke up at a disgusting hour this morning to go to my first Weight Watchers meeting. It was all about having a Plan B for your workouts. Yep, spoke right to me. I do not like when things don't go they way I would like. Having a Plan B is something that I am going to work on.

I'm excited to start Weight Watchers again. I do think it's a great program. I just have to stick with it. I am going to get P-Tone on with it too. He's just a little upset because he had a couple of doctor appointments this week and he's almost up to 200 pounds again. See, Preston used to be very over weight. His old pictures show someone that I have never known. He isn't careful about what he eats at all, so we've just gained weight together. He has also noticed his clothes getting tight as well. Now, he's on a hunger strike. Ok, not really but he's eating much less. I am going to try to join the plan with me. Or at least roughly.

The meeting went really well. And I started out the day on track as well. Hopefully I can just stick to it. I am going to be inputting my weekly weigh ins on my "Weigh Ins" tab. I'll try to put them up on Saturdays when I go to the meetings.

The new program comes with a lot more stuff and a nifty carrying case that the 2011 program didn't. I'm off to read up on the new program!
And to enjoy the sunshine with these little sweeties!


  1. Good for you Vanessa! I will be following your weekly weigh ins to check in on you! =) I did WW in 2007 and it has changed A LOT since then. I enjoyed going. I just can't justify the price! Plus, we only have ONE day a week to meet here now. At least that's how it was the last time I checked.
    I hear ya on a Plan B work out program. Luckily, my babysitter lets me go workout as soon as I get off work so I have an hour every day to go work out! I am ready to hit the gym today.

    1. Hold me accountable, girl! I can't skip out on my weigh-ins if I know people are looking for them. :)