Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Confessions Of A Former Cat Lady

My BF calls me a BAMF. And I had to ask what that meant.

I almost didn't graduate high school.
I have no real desire to go to college, although I've gone on and off over the years.

I've always dreamed of being the crazy cat lady.

Until I met Preston, I honestly thought I was destined to be alone.

I don't think I'm very good at being in a relationship, but I try.

I hold in my feelings.

I don't deal with my emotions well.

I've lived in a studio apartment.

I prefer to live alone. Roommates were just not for me. Now I live with P and it's challenging.

I love comedies.

I used to be obsessed with Tupac and had what looked like a shrine in my bedroom.
Yes, I did believe all of the conspiracy.

No, I don't believe them anymore.

I love Justin Bieber, but I don't own any of his music.
I've never been on a go kart, four wheeler, etc.

They scare me.

I tell EVERYONE that I don't want kids, but I really do want them.

BEFORE I'm 30.

I think this might be because I had always thought I'd end up alone.

I can get self destructive.
I never wanted to get married until I met Preston.

I believe he is my soul mate.

I have always been overweight.
I have always been self conscious.

I've never really felt like people really liked me.

I used to think I was some type of gangster.

And then I got adorable.

And then I got really fat.
And this isn't even the worst of it. I hid from cameras.

And then I got pretty fit (for me).
And I used to have really long hair. Thinking about it makes me cry.

And then I got fat really fat again.

And now I'm trying to get skinny.

And this leaves is where we are today.

I hope you stick around too see what happens!

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