Monday, April 23, 2012

Feel The Burn

I may have over did it on yesterday's workout. As the day has gone on, I can barely stand from sitting, I'm walking funny, and my upper body is starting to hurt too. Go big or go home: I guess so! Let's just say that I didn't do any working out today because I feel like death!

As you may remember from the other day, I've been really letting my weight control my life. Well I've decided to take some steps to remedy that. I am putting on more makeup again and I automatically felt better. Today is day 3 in full makeup. I've also been making more efforts with the BF to show him a little more love and appreciation, but it's not working in my favor. I'm not going to give up just yet though. I've also been doing more around the house instead of putting it off. And I got that workout in yesterday. These all may seem like little things, but they are all going to add up to big changes. Another step that I took to get back to myself was go to the doctor today.

Me. Making an effort.

I scheduled this appointment because I have been having a lot of anxiety issues and sleep issues. As you may remember from (Here), I am a creepy sleeper and talk all night long. This results in my never feeling rested no matter how much I sleep. I don't know if this is related to my anxiety issues, but I'm starting to thing that it may be. I've also been having horrible shooting rib pains for months. They mostly happen at night. They are so bad that I can't move and I can barely take a breath. I am starting to believe that this may be related to the anxiety as well.

My doctor had to poke at my ribs and didn't find anything. Let me just tell you that I DESPISE having my ribs touched in any way. I've always been a freak about it. I can't even lay down without covering them. If P ever touches them, it's the end of the world. I have no clue why but I've been like this as long as I can remember. My doctor appointment was torture.

After talking with doc a bit, she thinks that the events of the last year are starting to catch up with me. You can read a little bit about that (Here). I am leaning towards agreeing with her. She is going to put me on some anxiety meds and would like me to get counseling. My speech therapist also suggested this. I do hold things in and try not to deal with them, so I think I might actually listen and find a counselor. Everything that has gone on over the last year is a lot for anyone to deal with.

She also tested my thyroid again. She thinks that I have hypothyroidism. In November I was bordering on it. Last year I was told by my allergist that I have an autoimmune disease attacking my thyroid that would eventually kill it. I was tested in November and they told me it all came back normal. When she looked again today, she said their lab does things a little strangely and I am technically bordering on hypothyroidism.
She also tested me for arthritis. I've always had something like arthritis in my hands. And now I am having serious knee pain. I think that she did some other tests too and I have the fatty bruise to prove it.

And to move on from the heavy stuff, I thought I would share with you why I am not going to try to be a food blogger any time soon. This week I planned out all of our dinners, just not what day we would eat them. This planning is making dinners a breeeeeze!

On Sunday, I decided I was going to put my eggplant (which I've never tried before) to use and make some eggplant pizzas. I couldn't find any recipes that totally caught my interest, so I just took a bit from each and threw together my own idea.

I used two eggplants, a mix of FF cheddar and FF mozzarella, some onions, peppers, pizza sauce, and turkey pepperoni. They weren't HORRIBLE, but definitely not the best thing that I have ever ate. I think I have now decided that I do not like eggplant.

Eggplant Pizza. Me. :-/
And tonight I decided to make a classic with our turkey burgers. Hungry Girl Bacon N Cheese Bell Pepper Skins are always a hit with the BF. He ate about 3/4 of the plate. It uses 2 bell peppers, green onions, 6 strips turkey bacon, 3/4 cup FF cheddar, and some sour cream on the side. Love love love these. If you want the whole recipe, let me know.
Hungry Girl Bacon N Cheese Bell Pepper skins.

I am feeling good that I am making steps towards reaching my happy place, that I have things planned out this week, and that I am FEELING THE BURN.

And to leave you with a little low quality cuteness for the night, I share this that I took as I wrote this post. (Yes, that is a Christmas blanket on my bed. Don't judge me.)

My loyal followers.

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