Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Off Track: To WW or not to WW

So let me just tell you that these last few weeks I have been way off track. I got stressed out and I don't know how to deal with stress, so I turned to some serious unhealthy eating. P and I were having some issues, but I'm pretty sure we're ok now. I haven't really been "on track" per say, but I was at least making an effort before. Other than taking the wuppies for walks, I haven't done a darn thing exercise wise. And I haven't been eating healthy in the slightest. I've also majorly slacked off on my water drinking and upped the Red Bull addiction again. Damn you caffeiney goodness.

So I'm thinking that since I paid my last "Easy Pay" on my Total Gym, maybe I should think about joining Weight Watcher's again. I joined at the end of last year and went for a couple of months until getting to a meeting by 9am on a SATURDAY just didn't seem worth it anymore. I like the new program. I did have a hard time reaching my goals though. My stepmom and coworker are going it now and they've both lost upwards of 20 pounds. I know that if I stuck with the program I could be right there with them. I have a hard time justifying paying $45 for something that I can get for free at Sparkpeople.

I love Sparkpeople so much, but I'm not really being held accountable to anyone but myself there. I tried to join a spring "Challenge" thinking that it would help, but it didn't. Not at all. I think maybe having someone
weigh me in every week and tell me good job or tell me it's ok, there's always next week will help. I like the people at the WW meetings here in my town. They're all very nice and supportive. And the meeting leader is awesome and peppy and hilarious.

What does everyone in blog world think?

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