Sunday, April 29, 2012

Home Stuffs

Have I ever mentioned that I bought a house in 2011? Well, I did. And it's been a big huge change. Somehow I went from a 500 sq ft apartment to a 1600+ sq ft house and have way more clutter. This weekend I decided to start going through things and organizing. I also decided to take a couple trips to some thrift stores. I got some things to finish up the guest room. I just need to get new bedding in there and it will be set. We never have guests, but it's so cute in there. It's all outdoor themed.

Because I am excited, I decided to share some photos of the bedroom. I just have one wall that needs some work. It's empty. I am thinking of painting it, getting a tapestry, or some of those wall stickers.

I got some other things as well, but I'm not done with them all yet. Or even have ideas for some of them.

And for your viewing pleasure...
Photos taken by yours truly.

P bought this for me. <3

I searched for a year for that deer head. I really wanted a moose that was a little different, but this works.

P got me this moose pillow pet too. I just love moose.

I took this photo of my friends as well at Golden Gardens.

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