Thursday, March 15, 2012

The weekend... Only about a week late.

This was my outfit on Friday. I felt like an old lady a little bit. And my shoes ended up giving me mega painful blisters because they got wet. :( And don't mind my cheesin. All day every day.
So last weekend I had three birthday parties in a row. The one on Friday I was not excited about. It was with PeeWee's coworkers. I've never met any of them and I was having a LOT of anxiety over it. I don't do well around new people. I come off as really shy because I just don't know what to say. I was already wary of going because I had some prejudices against one person going. I went, tried to be nice and it all came back to bite me. The night wasn't really fun. I saw a bunch of people that I knew and talked to them more than the people that we were with.

We stood in line for over an hour to get in to where the band was playing. It was loud and crowded and there were no tables open. I never drink so I had no clue what to order. I went with a single vodka Redbull. It was just ok and not worth it in the least. The band that was playing was really good and silly. Definitely entertainers. We ended up staying for only an hour. I was a little annoyed that we waited so long to get in and stayed for such a short time. But I was more than happy to leave.

I guess I need to start work on my "meeting people skills." I guess that all of P's friends thought that I was rude and unapproachable. I was actually very nice. A lot of unnecessary drama came from the night and I don't plan on hanging out with these people again. (Read: It's hard to find good friends these days.)

 I guess the wuppies didn't want to be left out of the pictures. I tried about a million times over and there they were. They love their momma.

On Saturday I had my good friend Dawn's birthday party. I haven't seen these lovely ladies since Dawn's last birthday. I forgot just how much fun they are. We were loud and crazy in the restaurant. Then we danced our booties off. It was so much fun to go out with a group of real friends. P-Dog even ended up getting off work early and stopping by. I had no clue what to drink so I took a suggestion from a friend. I ended up drinking too many vodka Diet Cokes. They were delish. I also had a couple of kamikazes. Considering I rarely drink, I had a few too many drinks and ended up making P take a cab to get me and my car. Luckily we only live like a mile away. Yeah, he loves me and my drunkness. I am definitely going to get back together with these girls sooner than Dawn's next birthday. 

This is from Friday night. Yeah, cheesy me and P trying to hold in his gorgeous smile.

And Sunday was the celebration for my dad's birthday. We had it at my very favorite little Italian/Greek family restaurant. It was a little hectic with twenty (plus) people. But I was glad to get together with the fambam for his birthday and to celebrate my late grandpa's birthday as well.

Well, that's a recap of the weekend. Not too exciting and not many pictures. Another example of my boring little life.

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