Monday, March 5, 2012

Motivation Monday: And Exciting news!

So yesterday was rather boring. Hence there being no post. I slept in a little, then stayed home and cleaned away while the BF slaved away at his suck job.

On a  brighter note... Today we found out the P passed his very last GED test that had to be graded! Yeaaaahhh buddy! I've been waiting for weeks to hear this news! I am the proudest girlfriend EVER right now. It took a lot of pushing and bitching on my part, but he did it! I knew he could. He never studied for a single minute and he rocked every test on the first try! I'm insanely proud. I feel like I'm his momma or something. Sugar momma maybe.

Other than that uber exciting news, today I've decided that I'm going to sit back and re-evaluate my relationships. There are some that just do nothing but bring me down. So, I'm going to decide who is really important to me. And weed out all the baddies. And other than feeling sorry for myself, I've decided that I need to start being grateful for everything that I can do and everything that I have.

Motivation Monday:

This week I think my motivation is going to simply be the fact that I am physically able to do things. I am physically able to cook good meals. I am physically able to exercise (even if sometimes it doesn't FEEL that way). I am able to walk/run in the pouring down Washington rain. I am able to follow Turbo Jam and Jillian and get my butt kicked. Sometimes my knees hurt and my hips go out (um yeah like every day lately), but I am still able to do so many things. I am able to make a wonderful dinner with my wonderful boyfriend. I am able to work every day. I am able to spend quality time with my family. I am able to to a lot of things that a lot of people just don't have the luxury of. There are so many people out there with physical and mental ailments. They aren't able to do the things that I can. So this week I shall take advantage of what I am able to do with the body that I have to make it better and even MORE able in the future.

Here's to what we are all lucky enough to be able to do!

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