Sunday, February 10, 2013

Running Shoes

So last year I posted about getting fitted for running shoes. Well I have never liked them since I left the store.

The culprit.
I have little to no arch. I tried on three different pairs at the store and these were the best ones. Every time I wear them they kill my feet. They also kill my shins. I am really disappointed that I spent over $100 on these and they're terrible. I keep thinking that maybe they just need some breaking in.

I wore them all over Vegas. They still killed. I just don't know how much more breaking in they can get. They still look brand new. I'm afraid to get fitted for another pair because I don't want to spend buco bucks on another pair of shoes that suck.

I'm really hoping to become a runner some day, so I have to get a good pair of shoes. But forking over that kind of money is hard!

Maybe I'll stick with my non-running shoes for a while. Unfortunately, I left them at work for the weekend.


  1. I've got the exact same story! Spent $100 on some New Balances that I'm not IN LOVE with. I'm still wearing them though, but I need to do some research on some others.

  2. I realize that since you got them a year ago, it's too late to do anything about them. But maybe next time you can ask what their return policy is. The running store I go to here says I can return them within 3 (or 5, can't remember) days even if I've worn them all 3 (or 5) of those days.