Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Get To Know Me Tuesday

I've decided that I'm going to start doing some "Get To Know Me" posts periodically. I'm sure that you internet peoples are just dying to know more about me. :)

This entire weekend revolved around guns. My hubby is a total gun nut. He has two guns and we got his third on Friday. We heard that there was a Nagant revolver at Cabela's and had to go straight there to get it. We put it on layaway and I think I'm going to pay it off with our tax return. He's been crazy over it all weekend. I don't even want to see what he'll be like when we bring it home.

I've been shooting once. Since then, I've been a little into it. I want a gun of my own. I don't like my hubby's gun. It has too much recoil and I don't think that I could shoot it comfortably. I had the gun that I wanted all picked out. I was dead set on a Sig Sauer Mosquito. It's a .22LR. I felt really drawn to the gun. It's a smaller caliber and I feel comfortable shooting a .22.

Today P and I went to look at guns. He wanted me to get a feel for the gun that I wanted. Turns out, I don't like it much. I found two others that I really like. I think I've pretty much settled on this one. It's supposed to be really accurate and I like the way that it feels in my hands.

We went to a couple of different stores, but I still think this is the one that I am set on. I'm really excited to get this and take it out shooting in the next month or so.

P's friends are all gun collectors as well. Last time we had a group of about 20 people go shoot. There were probably triple that amount of guns. I shot a pretty wide variety. They still freak me out a little. I don't like it when they try to hand me one at home, even when they aren't loaded. I think I need to shoot some more to get more comfortable. Either way, I'm really excited and hope to get more comfortable with them.

Shooting P's gun for the first time.

There's a little fun fact about me. :)

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