Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I know I have said this a thousand times, but I really have to figure out how to get on track. I need to learn how to balance a healthy lifestyle, a full time management position, family, and being a wife.

I had a little "AHA" moment this week. Had I stuck to plan for the 8-9 weeks that I have been back on Weight Watchers, I could have lost more than 20 pounds rather than the 5-6 I have lost. I've been having a really hard time sticking to it for the whole week. But I think having this little revelation just may help me to see the big picture. I know what I need to be doing, but it seems like 2 pounds a week is such a slow process. When in reality, if I were to lose two pounds a week for a whole year, that would be 104 pounds. That would put me just about at goal. Baffling, I know. (sarcasm).

I think it's just hard to see the big picture when things seem to be going so slowly. And to see the big picture when things like pizza and candy stand in your way. I am a relatively good cook. I enjoy my cooking and so does the hubs. I just need to see what I need to do and DO IT!

Plan, plan, plan then stick to it, stick to it, stick to it!

And even though I know that I am going to record a gain tomorrow, I am going to weigh in this week anyway!

And for your viewing pleasure (ha!), here are a few photos ranging from now back to 2004.

November 2012

Me and my grandpa in maybe 2006-2007. <3
High School. 2004.

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