Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Reasons

My Reasons For Losing Weight
  1. To have a baby.
  2. To feel good about myself.
  3. To be able to do more physically.
  4. To be able to run.
  5. To set a good example.
  6. To be a better wife.
  7. To keep up with the dogs.
  8. To do my job more efficiently.
  9. To have more energy.
  10. To have a healthy lifestyle.
  11. To have less bad days.
  12. To look good for the hubs.
  13. To reduce hip and knee pain.
  14. To work on changing my view of myself.
  15. To live a long healthy life.
  16. To be a good (future) mom.
  17. To be able to do more.
  18. To improve my relationships.
  19. To hike.
  20. To potentially get off my anxiety meds.

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